Business Networks

Full speed ahead!

Imagine having a speed limit on your network, like you do on the road

Unfortunately with poor network setups, this is a reality for many businesses.
Vetta Technologies dedicated team of network engineers work hard to ensure your network equipment is working at it's peak speed and reliability 24x7, through innovative processes, constant development and around-the-clock monitoring.

The right equipment for the job

Just like your business, your network is unique.
To ensure you receive the maximum reliability and performance from your network, we need to ensure you're using the right gear. This is why we don't stick to one vendor, but instead work with multiple device vendors and brands to ensure the right equipment is used for your business.

24x7, around the clock monitoring

Once you have a stable, reliable and fast network, we then ensure our monitoring system is constantly checking every aspect of your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.
If any irregularity is spotted, whether this be a complete device failure, or something as small as a device using an unusual amount of network data, our engineering team is alerted before any impact is spotted, all to ensure a worry-free experience for your business.

We went to Vetta Technologies with a range of connectivity issues that we were trying to solve and Shaun and his team really came to the party! We now have the most reliable and fault tolerant internet connection we have ever had, along with it being super fast.

Justin Bagust
Timaru District Council

YES! I want a network that performs at its full potential!

If you want your business to stop being held back by a slow network, contact us today for a FREE review of your current infrastructure, and we'll take it from there!