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USA Web Hosting & DNS Clustering

Over the weekend we have implemented 2 great new features to our HostingLab service.

Effective immediately, when signing up for a new web hosting service you’ll now have the option of having your web hosting account located on either a server in Auckland, New Zealand or in Atlanta, GA, USA. This means that whether your main visitors and target market are in New Zealand or international, we’ll have a solution to fit your needs and have your website loading faster for your visitors.

We have also now implemented DNS clustering on our New Zealand and USA servers. This means that your domain name will only be set to one set of nameservers ( and no matter which server you’re on. We’re also seeing decreased page load times for clients on these nameservers. All clients eligible for this service with their domain name registered through HostingLab have already been switched over to the new nameservers. For clients with domain names registered elsewhere, the following nameservers will need to be set by the 31st January 2013, at which time the current nameservers will no longer be functional.

New Nameservers: = =

For enquires relating to web hosting services, please call us toll-free on 0508 HOSTING.