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“Locky” Ransomware Outbreak

Have you received an email similar to the below, either saying an invoice, payment or something else is attached? Is the attachment enclosed in a compressed (.zip) file and from an unknown sender? Don’t open the attachment! Delete the email immediately.


Over the last month there has been a significant burst in emails with the “Locky” ransomware enclosed. The email is not from any individual, the attached .zip file is likely to contain a malicious JavaScript file that installs “Locky” ransomware onto your computer. “Locky” encrypts all of the files on your computer and then demands that you pay a ransom to get a decryption key to unlock them.

If you have opened the attachment and executed the enclosed JavaScript file and suspect you may have the “Locky” ransomware, notify us, or your IT support contact, and do not pay any ransom.