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R1Soft/Idera cPanel Backups

We’ve been working behind the scenes for quite a while figuring out the best solution for our hosting clients to view and restore the automatic backups we take. I’m very pleased to say that we’ve now completed this!

We’ve recently implemented R1Soft/Idera’s renowned CDP Backup solution across our entire hosting network, in both NZ and the USA. This solution will now allow you to access the backups we take of your hosting account and restore these backups, right down to the individual files!


From within cPanel, under the “Files” heading, you’ll now see a new “R1Soft Restore Backups” option


Upon accessing the backup system, you’ll be able to see all the recovery points we have for your account


You can either restore an entire recovery point in a single click, or access the backup and restore individual files

This new backup system is now live and operational, so feel free to go ahead and have a look around!

If you have any questions or queries about this new feature, or our web hosting, please contact us.

1 Vetta now an APNIC member!

As of the 15th July 2013, Vetta Technologies are proud to announce our new membership with the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC). Not only does this enable our team to be involved with events hosted by APNIC and it’s members related to the internet, but this also means that we will soon be operating our network from within our own ASN and IP ranges.

This means that in the coming few weeks, we will be contacting each customer to advise of an IP address change and migration to our new network once formed.

We’re very excited to be part of the APNIC group of members as part of our continual development into growing and enhancing our network infrastructure.

Domain Name TLD increase & price drop

Vetta Technologies is pleased to announce an increased amount of domain name extensions (TLD’s) available as well as some price drops on certain TLD’s.

All domains from Vetta Technologies include full DNS management for no additional charge!

Extensions previously available:

$19/yr:,,,,,,,,, .com, .net, .org, .info

Price decreases:

$16/yr: .com, .net

New extensions available:


$29/yr: .biz, .co, .asia, .me, .mobi, .tel

$69/yr: .cc, .tv

We believe that the increase to domain name extensions will allow our clients to secure their brand name across multiple countries and markets, and ultimately increase their online visibility.

 To register your domain, or view our full price list, click here.

Vetta Nationwide Partner Network

Vetta Technologies Ltd is seeking IT companies across New Zealand to establish a Nationwide Partner Network (NPN) to provide nationwide coverage to Vetta Technologies’ growing client base outside of South Canterbury. Primarily, these partners will be sent to client premises for the purposes of solving issues relating to either our VettaNET DSL service, VettaNET Fibre service or Vetta Custom PC’s and should have experience with troubleshooting both hardware and software issues as well as understanding of networking and DSL/Fibre technology.

The Nationwide Partner Network will be a big step in the direction of providing a complete managed solution for business customers, with plans to provide on-site setup and migrations of internet connections nationwide.

Interested IT companies should apply through the initial registration form.

Domain Names – Free DNS Service

In line with our recent implementation of our DNS Management interface in the client portal, we’re pleased to announce that effective today, DNS Management will now come standard with any domain name purchase from Vetta Technologies.

Our DNS Management interface will allow you to manage your DNS zone for your domain name right from your client portal. Through this interface, you can currently manage the following DNS record types:

 – A – IPv4 record
 – AAAA – IPv6 record
– NS – Nameserver record
 – MX – Mail Exchange record
 – CNAME – Canonical Name record
 – SRV – Service record
 – TXT – Free text record

We believe that this free service will greatly increase the usability of domain names with the fact that you will no longer need to purchase a separate hosting package to manage DNS.

If you are an existing customer wanting this service, please contact us, or to register a new domain name from Vetta Technologies, click here.

1 Online Service Portal Enhancements

Over the weekend, we’ve implemented some new features into our Online Service Portal (our system which manages hosting, domains and VettaNET customers)


Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security by adding a second step to your login. It takes something you know (ie. your password) and adds a second factor, typically something you have (such as your phone.) Since both are required to log in, even if an attacker has your password they can’t access your account.

To activate two-factor authentication, you’ll need a compatible smartphone app (we recommend Google Authenticator). Once you have this installed, login and click “Update Your Details”, then click “Security Settings” and enable two-factor authentication.


If you have a domain name and a hosting or DNS package with us (we’ll soon be rolling out this service to all domain names), you can now modify your DNS records in our cluster directly from our Online Service Portal.

To modify DNS records, login and navigate to your domains page. Find the domain you wish to modify and select “Domain DNS Manager” from the dropdown.


We’re serious about security and unfortunately, sometimes this leads to you being blocked from a server for multiple failed logins (as well as other reasons). Rather than opening a support ticket, you can now unblock your IP address by logging in and under the support tab, click “Unblock IP”.

These new features should see you have a better experience with us and using the Online Service Portal. For any enquiries, please contact us.

Hosting Infrastructure Migration

Starting this week, we will begin to migrate our Shared, Reseller and VPS Hosting customers from our current infrastructure to our new infrastructure in Timaru. There should be under 5 minutes of total downtime of your website during this process however it’s important that no modifications to your website are performed during the migration. Affected customers will be contacted via email with more in-depth information this week.

You may ask why are we migrating to new infrastructure when our current one is sufficient, I’d like to highlight some points.

Vetta owned & operated

Currently, we are in a situation of renting or leasing our servers and renting space in datacenters to store these servers. With our new infrastructure, all hardware and the infrastructure is owned by Vetta Technologies. This gives us greater flexibility to better compete with the rapidly evolving hosting market.

Better Servers

Not only are our servers now owned, but they are far superior in system specifications. Our new web hosting servers are based on a minimum setup of Intel i5 Ivy Bridge processors with 16GB of high-performance RAM. This means that your websites will render faster on new hardware and performance will be far greater.

Faster Network

Our network has been built by us from the ground up, with our main focuses being speed and security. Speeds from within our network are all under 1ms with gigabit connectivity and Cat6 cabling throughout.

Faster Response Times

When critical problems arise, currently a datacenter technician is needed to be called and arrangements made before work is done. With our network now located from within our office, our technicians can be on-site within 10 minutes (if outside business hours), ready to solve the issue as soon as the server is in front of them.

Temporary Close of E-Commerce Services

Effective immediately, Vetta Technologies’ online stores; GeekStore and VTech will be closed temporarily to enable us to focus on its core operations and VettaNET Wireless network.

We will be continuing to sell on our Trade Me account.

All existing orders on our online stores will be processed as normal. For any enquiries please contact us.

Vetta Technologies to provide Internet Services

Vetta Technologies, a growing South Canterbury IT company has today announced that in early 2013, it will be providing ADSL2+, VDSL2 and UFB services to New Zealand, and in mid-late 2013 will be providing wireless internet services to rural South Canterbury.

Vetta Technologies Internet Services, branded as VettaNET  will be providing internet plans starting at $44.95 per month and will be differentiating itself from the current New Zealand Internet Service Providers by offering fantastic features, including:

  • Unlimited National (within NZ) Data
  • No term contract
  • No line speed limitations
  • No rate limiting, filtering or caching
  • No peak time slow downs
  • Free 10GB Cloud Backup Storage
  • Free customised email address, e.g.

Also incorporated into VettaNET will be our existing internet related services including Cloud Backup, Website Hosting and Domain Names.

New Support System

Over the last week we have been working on implementing a new support center for our clients, at last it’s now complete!

Rather than our old support system which was very basic and didn’t provide the features we needed, we’ve upgraded to Kayako which provides us with more features than we could have dreamed of, all to provide you with better service!

All sales and support requests can now be made at our brand spankin’ new support center over at

As an additional measure we’ve also installed a screen in our office which allows us to view the current status of our support requests in real-time!