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Public WiFi live at Southern Trust Events Centre


Vetta Technologies is pleased to announce that the free Vetta Public WiFi service is now available at Timaru’s Southern Trust Events Centre on Morgans Road.

The free WiFi is available inside the main stadium, and WiFi access outdoors is available on request for sports and other events.

On your next visit, make sure to try out the free WiFi by connecting to “Vetta Public WiFi” on your device and let us know your thoughts!

For more details on Vetta’s Public WiFi service, click here.


Higher WiFi Performance at Caroline Bay coming soon

The Vetta Public WiFi service at Caroline Bay will soon be getting a performance and reliability boost, with the service moving from a copper based uplink to a fibre based uplink, giving over 10 times the current throughput, allowing more users to connect and experience high-speed, free WiFi.

This upgrade is scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2015.