Computer Repairs

In-House Computer Repairs

Quality Repairs by Qualified Professionals

No matter the problem with your device, we can advise and complete a successful, reliable repair, or if not economically viable, quote and provide a like-for-like replacement. We repair laptops, desktops, servers and more!

Some frequent repairs which we see and complete on a day-by-day basis include:

  • Laptop Screen Replacements
  • ​Computer not starting
  • Hard drive not spinning
  • Hard drive data loss
  • Dead mainboard/motherboard or memory chips
  • Power supply surges
  • Locked computers or forgotten login passwords
  • New computer data migrations

We repair any computer brand

Unlike many repair organisations, we don't just stick to a set selection of device vendors. Instead, we work with all manufacturers and have leading relationships to provide genuine service parts to ensure your device is repaired to be returned back to you in the state you'd expect from the manufacturer directly, to go on and last for years to come.

Manufacturers which we frequently work with include:​

...and many more

We provide insurance reports & repair quotes

Better yet, we can provide you with a full insurance report and repair or replacement quotes. Just mention to your insurance company that you would like Vetta Technologies to inspect your device, drop it into us, and we'll take it from there! We're constantly working with many insurance companies including AMI, State, IAG, Vero, Lumley and more

Live repair tracking

And for the best part, with every repair, you can track the status of your repair online on our website, every step of the way.

See live who's working on your device, what issues we've found and what we're doing to fix them, as well as seeing if the device is ready for pickup, waiting for parts or on hold for any reason.

We believe this system breaks down the barriers of you knowing where your device repair is at, and gives complete transparency offering you peace-of-mind when your equipment is in our care.